Insurance Enrollment

Since the Affordable Care Act became law, many low-cost insurance plans have become available in Michigan. Many of these plans are $0 cost.

Healthy Michigan Plan (HMP) is the expanded Medicaid plan. This is not the same Medicaid as in the past. If you have applied more than two years ago, please know the plan is different now, and open to over 600,000 more people.

You may be eligible if you fit the following:
  • Resident of Michigan
  • Not eligible for Medicare or other Medicaid programs 
  • Between the ages of 18-64
  • Your income is about 133% of the Federal Poverty Level
    • Individual: Approximately under $16,000
    • Family of 4: Approximately under $33,000
Please do not use any other enrollment website, only so you can get every credit available to you. Other sites are imposters and not the official website. 

Do not delay, enroll now! Penalties for going without insurance is getting higher:
    2016 Penalty:
  • $695 individual
  • $345 per child or 2.5% of your income (whichever is higher)
OIHN is committed to improving the health care status of people in our community. People who have insurance are more likely to be able to work, provide a stable home, and participate in society. We want you to enjoy the healthiest life that you can. Please call today to schedule an appointment to get covered.

Call 248-724-7600 to make an appointment.

*After open enrollment, there are some life changes that qualify for a special enrollment period in the Marketplace, so do call even if it is after January 31, 2016 to see if you qualify.

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