New Patient Forms

To reduce time spent in the waiting room, please print and complete the appropriate forms below prior to your appointment. Please fill out all forms for the site you plan on going to. You can access all forms in either English or Spanish - except for the Health History Form under Joslyn Smile Center. If you have any questions regarding completing the forms, our friendly and helpful staff will be more than happy to assist you upon your arrival.
Medical Center Sites 
(Family Medicine Center, Orchard Lake Center,
Plum Hollow Center, Summit Center, Baldwin Family Medicine Center, Jump Start Center, Waterford Teen Health Center, Pontiac High and Pontiac Middle School Teen Health Centers)
Joslyn Smile Center
Advanced Directive Information
In the event that you lose decision-making ability, OIHN suggests planning ahead to ensure all needs are taken care of ahead of time. For information on this, please follow the link below: